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Zodiac Beluga Whale watching by SEA NORTH TOURS

Belugas are so friendly; they will steal your heart and pull it out to sea. a 2-hour beluga whale watching tour by Zodiac boat. This tour will give you plenty of time to find and enjoy these curious and friendly mammals.

Belugas are beautiful, playful and intelligent. They often swim within a few feet of our boat turning on their side to check out the people on board. With over 3000 of these 3- to 5-metre-long whales swarming to the Churchill River estuary for the summer it makes it the world’s largest, readily accessible population. Belugas are the most vocal of all whales and you will hear them singing through the hydrophones. What do these sea canaries sound like? If you have listened to Orcas or Humpback whales sing, you have heard classical music; belugas are rock and roll! The Sirens of the whale world, you’ll be tempted to jump in.

During the summer we often spot polar bears as they swim ashore, abandoning the melting sea ice, or at rest along the rocky coastlines. Fat from eating seals and still pristine from swimming off the ice it’s exciting to see Churchill’s neighbourhood patrollers arrive and wander along the shores.

At high tide, the specially equipped, quiet Zodiacs leave the dock to greet the 3000 beluga whales that are entering the Churchill Estuary. Our guides have years of experience on the river and our boats have no moving parts that can harm the whales, giving you peace of mind when the belugas surround our boat.

Our tours leave seven days a week, weather permitting. This means we are able to keep an eye on the movements of the wildlife and take you to where the action is!

Sometimes weather conditions may dictate that we use the Sea North II for this tour.

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