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July and August

Beluga Whale

In the summer, beluga whales take the spotlight when thousands of these friendly creatures choose the Churchill River Estuary as their summer home to mate, birth, and feed.

5 days Excursions Package

July 1 to August 31

CAD 1999

sunset whale watching

During the golden twilight, Brandon will cruise up and down his boat and lead you to look for curious beluga whales in the Churchill River. This close encounter will leave a deep memory in your mind.

Wildlife tour

The excursion is led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak, cruising in her 2022 Ford Expedition 4WD, in searching for wildlife along the shores of Hudson Bay.

Tundra Buggy

A Summer Tundra Buggy® Day Tour is one of the best ways to experience the magnificent ecosystems surrounding Churchill.


During the summer, Beluga Whales swim ashore, abandoning the melting sea ice, or at rest along the rocky coastlines. it’s exciting to see Churchill’s neighborhood patrollers arrive and wander along the shores.

hike to the SS Ithaka

A unique and unforgettable experience as we hike to the SS Ithaka shipwreck at low tide. This is a rare opportunity to explore the remains of a historic vessel that ran aground in 1960 and has been slowly decaying ever since.

History Site

Explore Churchill’s rich and diverse history with our expert photographer, Angela Mak. You will ride in her 2022 Ford expedition 4WD and visit Cape Merry Batters, Miss Piggy’s plane wreck, Polar Bear Jail.

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VIA Rail Canada

Calm Air

Thompson bus

Custom options

VIA Rail Train Ticket From Winnipeg to Churchill CAD 241
Calm Air Flight Ticket From Churchill to Winnipeg CAD 853.16
Self Drive Tour CAD 300 Per day
Seaport Meal Plan CAD 150 per day
Accommodation at iceberg inn CAD 125 per person per night
"Great personal service. Bill and Angela were kind and caring wishing us to have the best visit possible to Churchill. We highly recommend Iceberg Inn for a visit to Churchill. "
Valerie Wolf
October, 2022
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