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February and March

young cubs leaving the denning area

Explore Churchill Wildlife Management Area and the Wapusk National Park in search of Mother polar bear and flash-born cubs

Safely staying in a heated wilderness lodge for 7 nights, filming as close as 100 meters to the bears in their natural habitat.


 After months of roaming the frozen Hudson Bay hunting ringed seals, polar bears make their way back to Churchill in early to mid-summer once the sea ice begins to melt.


In the summer the polar bears chow down on the shores of Hudson Bay, many people don’t realize that summer in Churchill is actually when polar bears first return to the area after months of roaming the frozen Hudson Bay hunting.

July and August

sea ice begins to melt

October and November

you should be able to see polar bears throughout the months of October and November but there is never any guarantee!

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CAD 5999

November 7 - 10th, 2023
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Tundra Buggy Tour

The official Tundra Buggy® offers the exclusive chance to travel into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA) for wildlife viewing and photography. Venturing out on a set of established trails to minimize the impact on the tundra, the Tundra Buggy will take you into areas with a high probability of wildlife sightings. These areas are the best locations in the Churchill area to experience wildlife in their natural environment.


eyes to eyes experience

Photography tour will begin at 9:30 am, led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak, cruising in her 2018 King Ranch to visit all of Churchill's hidden trails. On this exciting 6-hour expedition, we explore all of Churchill’s coastal roads in search of polar bears, where it is sometimes possible other Arctic wildlife can be seen such as the Snowy Owl, Ptarmigan, Arctic Fox and Arctic Hare.


history site excursion

The excursion is led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak. cruising in her mini buggy visit all of Churchill's fascinating local historical sites including Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, the MV Ithaca shipwreck, member will have a break at the Northern study center and continue to visit the rocket research range, abandoned ‘Golf Ball’ radar station, and launch road, where it is sometimes possible to view polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.


flight plan

Calm air round trip flight ticket, Tundra buggy day tour, eye-to-eye road tour, meals and accommodation.


Meals Plan

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner at Tundra Inn, Seaport Hotel or Lazy Bear cafe.



Queen or Twin room at iceberg inn

I recommend the Iceberg Inn to anyone looking for first-rate polar bear tours and Churchill excursions at budget prices at an inn with simple accommodations. Bill's all-in pricing for our Churchill Adventure came in at 30% less than the high-end adventure companies. We chose a package deal from Bill which included breakfasts and dinners at the top restaurants, a tundra buggy tour, helicopter ride, dog sledding, town tour and a photography tour and Northern Lights. The inn is well positioned amongst restaurants, museums, train station and souvenir shops. Bill and Angela kept us busy for 4 days and were extremely accommodating with pickups and dropoffs from airport, train station, restaurants and all other outings. Simple accommodations with top-notch service.
David Knight
Toronto, 2022

Our Next Tour

October 14 - 17th

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