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Sloop Cove/ MV Ithaca hike

Sloops Cove/ MV ithaca Hike

MV Ithaca Hike

A Historic Site of Manitoba, the 80-metre-long wreck of the MV Ithaca sits just outside Bird Cove, 12 miles east of Churchill, high and dry when the tide is low and completely surrounded by water at high tide. According to Lloyds of London (the company insuring the Ithaca), it was a British-flagged steamship, built in 1922 at Three Rivers, Quebec. Now you have the chance to visit this nearly century old WWI vessel in her resting place since the 1960’s. Join us to experience her history and beauty during a short hike at low tide on this 2-hour tour. Transport to site and polar bear guard/ guide is included on this tour.

Sloops Cove Historic Site Hike

A Historic Site of Manitoba, Brendan McEwan leads in a boat to Sloop Cove, Prince of Wales Fort’s winter harbour 3.2 kilometres up the Churchill River.

Meet Parks Canada guides who introduce you to Hudson’s Bay Company men through their signatures – 18th-century graffiti – engraved into stones. Hike easily in their footsteps across tundra ablaze with wildflowers 4 kilometres along the shores of Hudson Bay back to the fort watching seabirds and shorebirds, spotting beluga whales in the waters. Find fossils hundreds of millions of years old and drop in at archaeological sites to gain a sense of the rich history of the people who forged an existence here. Then catch a Zodiac across the river and back into the 21st century!

The Sloop Cove hike is approximately 4 kilometres over uneven ground.

Proper footwear, clothing and a water bottle are recommended.


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