Iceberg Inn



Road Tour

3 hours Photo Tour – Historical sites

At 8:30 am our group will have breakfast at the seaport hotel, The 3 hours photo tour will begin at 9:30 am, Led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak.  Traveling in a 2018 Ford king ranch 4×4 explore all of Churchill’s fascinating local historical sites including visits to Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, the MV Ithaca shipwreck, member will have lunch at the Northern study center and continue to visit the rocket research range, abandoned ‘Golf Ball’ radar station, and launch road, where it is sometimes possible to view polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

6 hours Photo Tour - Wildlife

At 8:30 am our team members will have Breakfast at the seaport hotel, The 6 hours Photo tour will begin at 9:30 am, led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak, traveling in a 2018 Ford king ranch 4×4.  explore all of Churchill’s coastal roads and trails. Team members will have plenty of outdoor exploration time, greatly increasing the chances of catching various rare wild animals such as polar bears, arctic snow foxes, hares, and snowy owls. lunch at Northern study center.


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