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Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding by Seanorth

If you’ve never been on a paddleboard before now, there isn’t a better place to try it. Especially when there are beluga whales along to encourage you. Don’t be intimidated by having to stand for a long period of time, you can sit on the paddle board as well. The belugas may be laughing at your balance, but a little hurt pride is a small price to pay for an experience such as this.

You will have an experienced guide accompanying you on the water as well as a safety zodiac. Tours will always depart at low tide to ensure smoother waters and all tours are, of course, weather dependent. Tour time is 2 hours on the water.

Kayaking by SEANORTH

kayak tours require calm water conditions as our group member’s skill levels will always vary. So, this means our tour times are weather dependent and we always depart at low tide.

Each tour is approximately 2 hours on the water including the time returning to shore.Let your adventuresome spirit take you out onto the Churchill River to meet beluga whales. You’ll feel as if you are one of the pods as you skim across the surface of the river teeming with whales. Perfect for the novice paddler.


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