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Churchill is a small town with only 800 residents. There is no road access, therefor all tourists and supplies must be transported by air or train into Churchill.






VIA RAil canada

VIA Rail Canada, Depart every week Sunday and Tuesday at noon from Winnipeg to Churchill. View the full schedule for the Winnipeg-Churchill train:

Calm Air

Calm Air is a Canadian airline that offers regional flights. The airline is based at Winnipeg Airport

Please see a list of current published flight schedules:

Churchill has the feel of a frontier town, and is located on the edge of the Arctic, This remote Canadian town on the shores of Hudson Bay is 1,000 km north of Winnipeg. There are no roads that lead to Churchill, you can only get here by train or plane.

Churchill river breakup

Churchill River and Hudson Bay breakup varies but usually occurs in mid-June. This is a great opportunity to the edge of the world-famous ice floe.

meet Beluga Whales

The Churchill River is one of the best places in the world where you can get up close and personal with beluga whales in the Arctic. Every summer, about 4,000 beluga whales travel to the Churchill River to feed, mate, and give birth.

Polar Bear return

In the summer the polar bears chow down on the shores of Hudson Bay, many people don’t realize that summer in Churchill is actually when polar bears first return to the area after months of roaming the frozen Hudson Bay hunting.

encountering polar bear

This is no Better Time to go Polar Bear watching in the Tundra, Beginning in October each year, polar bears gather here, waiting to sit on the ice flows, the bears move to Hudson Bay to hunt for the winter season. At this time, Churchill’s nickname “more bears than people.”

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the northern landscape while exploring the environment of our planet’s foremost polar bear habitat.

close-up polar bear

In November, you can see unbelievable polar bears roaming and waiting for the sea ice to form on Hudson Bay.
In the second week of November, once the temperatures drop, you have an exceptionally high chance of sightings up close on remote Arctic tundra.

full board package

CAD 5999

freshly born cubs

An extreme wildlife adventure in search of Mama bear and her cubs emerge from their denning habitats, Many famous photographers are captured here and won global photo contests awards. The lodge is a refurbished navy communications base adjacent to Wapusk National Park.

angela mak

Professional Wildlife Photographer, you will have opportunities to meet polar bears and other Arctic wildlife face-to-face. The summer season offers a beluga whale boat tour, sloops cove, and Ithica shipwreck hikes.

We have a full-time tour leader on site responsible for transportation and searching for wildlife. 

Our team can provide a completed full board package included well- planned itinerary, with flight/ train ticket, transportation, and meals plan.

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in the mid of the polar bear town

You’ll love this chalet because of the freedom to do whatever you want. it is a very comfortable place, that is good for couples, solo adventurers, and families with kids.

New born cub tour

Beluga Whale Tour

polar bear tour

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