Iceberg Inn



Angela Mak

Wildlife photographer

Guided by professional photographer, Angela Mak

A 3hours photographic tour of Churchill and fascinating historical sites in the local area including visits to Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, the MV Ithaca shipwreck, lunch at Northern study center, the rocket research range, abandoned ‘Golf Ball’ radar station, and launch road,  where it is sometimes possible to view polar bears and other arctic wildlife.


This is no Better time to go Polar Bear watching in the Tundra than in October – an amazing time to visit Churchill!

Churchill is a small town with only 800 residents. There is no road access, therefor all tourists and supplies must be transported by air or train into Churchill.

Beginning in October each year, polar bears gather here, waiting to sit on the ice floe, the bears move to the Hudson Bay to hunt for the winter season.

At this time, Churchill’s nickname “more bears than people.”

Learn about the lives of local residents and experience local customs.

The Operator-Brendan McEwan is a born and raised Churchillian who spends the majority of his summer on the water. Once a year the Hudson Bay coastline is home to the world’s largest migrating population of beluga whales. More than 57,000 majestic and highly sociable beluga whales patrol these sub-Arctic waters.  

town Tour

$150/ 2 hours per person

Guided by professional photographer, Angela Mak,

Two-hour tour of Churchill starts after check-in with a fascinating visit to ‘Eskimo’ Itsanitaq Museum followed by the Polar Bear International research facility and Park Canada Visitors Center.

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