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6 days / 5 night tour package

CAD 2000


The Aurora Borealis Experience

Adventure starts in Churchill


At 9 am in the morning, our staff will warmly welcome you at the VIA Rail train station to start the first day of the Beluga Whales tour. After early check-in at the Iceberg Inn, a two-hour tour of Churchill starts, beginning with a fascinating visit to the ‘Eskimo’ Itsanitaq Museum followed by the Polar Bear International research facility and rounding things out with a visit to Parks Canada’s Visitors Center.


Discover the beauty of the arctic tundra with Angela Mak, a professional photographer and guide, on a thrilling six-hour wildlife photography tour. Angela will be armed with a real gun and live ammunition, as safety is paramount in this environment. You will travel in a comfortable 2018 Ford King Ranch 4×4 and have plenty of time to explore the pristine wilderness.

You will have the chance to come Eye-to-Eye with various arctic animals and snap stunning photos of them, such as majestic polar bears, fluffy snow foxes, agile hares, and elegant snowy owls. The tour starts at 8:00 AM, after a tasty breakfast.


Belugas are so friendly, they will steal your heart and pull it out to sea. . This tour will give you plenty of time to find and enjoy these curious and friendly mammals.


The Tundra Buggy is one of the best ways to experience the magnificent ecosystems surrounding Churchill. With special permits to access the trail network in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, explore the tundra while your driver provides interpretation about the colorful flora, amazing fauna, and incredible history of this unique sub-arctic environment.

Experience the summer scenery and scan the landscape for arctic foxes, arctic hares, caribou, and the first polar bears to return from their annual hunt on the sea ice. Churchill is also an incredible destination for bird lovers, with over 200 different species migrating through the area each summer.

After exploring the tundra, return to Churchill and enjoy some local shopping for unique souvenirs, such as Inuit carvings or polar bear-themed items all while experiencing the town’s rich cultural scenery.


The 80-metre-long wreck of the MV Ithaca sits just outside Bird Cove, 12 miles east of Churchill, high and dry when the tide is low and completely surrounded by water at high tide..

Belugas Whales Tour

This tour is a favourite for many as you get an hour of interacting with our beautiful beluga whales and seeing an important part of Canada’s history at the Prince of Wales Fort.

Watch as belugas surround your boat, knowing that the experienced guides and special safety features of the boat ensure that even the most curious belugas will remain unharmed.

Then the tour docks at the fort which is rich in history and timeless beauty. Step inside to admire the strength of this stone structure that has been standing guard for 250 years at the mouth of the Churchill River. What used to be a bustling hub for fur traders was later reinvented into a stone fortification when peace was threatened between England and France. There was a strong desire to control Hudson Bay’s resources and the Prince of Wale Fort had the mos advantageous position for defense. Take a trip back in time through the ruins of the fort that took 40 years to build under the harsh survival conditions of the Arctic.


the excursion is led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak.  cruising in her mini buggy or 2018 Ford King Ranch visit all of Churchill’s fascinating local historical sites including Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, and the MV Ithaca shipwreck, member will have a break at the Northern study center and continue to visit the rocket research range, abandoned ‘Golf Ball’ radar station, and launch road, where it is sometimes possible can be seen, such as the Polar Bear, Snowy Owl, Ptarmigan, Arctic Fox, and Arctic Hare.



If you thought polar bear watching was great, just wait until you try running a dog team! Mushing yourself or riding on the sled is the perfect complement to polar bear watching and another iconic artic memory that will never leave you.

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