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the adventure begins from winnipeg

Saturday, October 31st, 2023

Polar bear capital of the world

Autumn in the Arctic provides great opportunities to view polar bears up-close, from ground level, and chances to see the Northern Lights at night.


October 31st

Fly in form Winnipeg


November 1st

Tundra Buggy Tour

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November 2nd

Tundra Buggy Tour


November 3rd



November 4th

history site


Weather permitted


Full board / all included deal

CAD 5999

Eye-to-Eye Experience

Full Board Package Deal

Are you ready for an amazing trip to the Arctic? Imagine seeing polar bears, northern lights, and stunning landscapes!

You can enjoy a full English breakfast and a 2-course fine dinner, a tundra buggy tour, exclusion, and round-trip airfare from Winnipeg for a very low price. Don’t miss this opportunity to have the adventure of your dreams!



You're all set for your trip to Churchill! Your airline ticket is ready and waiting for you at the airport. Just make your way to 2000 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba (YWG) Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport on Saturday, October 31st 2023. You'll be flying with CalmAir on Flight MO1441, which leaves at 07:00 am sharp. Don't be late! We hope you have a wonderful time in Churchill and enjoy the sights and sounds of this amazing destination. Thank you for choosing us as your travel partner!
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Are you ready for an amazing adventure? We will head to the Tundra area, where the official Tundra Buggy will lead the group in tracking polar bears. During the process, you can either chase the bears or silently witness the "ambush" of these wild animals. It will be a thrilling and unforgettable experience! Don't miss this opportunity to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Book your spot today and join us for the ultimate polar bear safari!


our next expedition: a polar bear safari in the Tundra area. You will have the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, guided by an official Tundra Buggy. You can choose to follow the bears at a safe distance or stay in the vehicle and watch them hunt. Either way, you will experience a thrilling and unforgettable adventure.


The excursion is led by experienced photographer, Angela Mak, who will take you cruising in her 2018 King Ranch to visit all of Churchill's hidden trails. She will teach you how to capture the best shots of the wildlife and the scenery and share with you her stories and tips.


You will be cruising in a 2018 Ford King Ranch with Angela Mak, a professional photographer who knows all the best spots to capture the beauty of this town. You will also visit some of the most interesting historical sites in Churchill, such as Cape Merry Battery, Miss Piggy Plane Wreck, Polar Bear Jail, and MV Ithaca Shipwreck. Don't miss this opportunity to explore and learn more about this unique place!


Thank you for choosing our polar bear photography tour! We hope you had a blast capturing the majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Our warm staff will drop you off at Churchill Airport at 6 pm. As you say farewell to this world-class adventure, we hope you have found some wonderful souvenirs, experienced our town's cultural scenery and the entire photography journey will give you memories for a lifetime. The polar bear capital returns you to your warm homes. We would love to hear your feedback and see your photos. Please share them with us on our website or social media. Have a safe flight and come back soon!

your guide

Angeal Mak

Are you ready for an amazing adventure? As a Professional Wildlife Photographer, you will have opportunities to meet polar bears and other Arctic wildlife face-to-face. The summer season offers a beluga whale boat tour, sloops cove, and Ithica shipwreck hikes. You will capture stunning images of nature and wildlife that will take your breath away. Don’t miss this chance to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Book your spot today!



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