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Travel far north

have never been so close. discuss all the details with me and grab your camera to start a journey in October

The adventure Begins from winnipeg

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

sat, oct 14th

Your ticket for CalmAir Flight MO1441 is ready. You need to reach Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG) at 2000 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba by yourself on Saturday, October 14th 2023. The flight will leave at 07:00 am for Churchill.

sun, oct 15th

Our next destination is the Wapusk National Park, where we will join the official Tundra Buggy for a polar bear adventure. You will have the opportunity to either follow the bears or quietly observe their natural behavior in the wild.

mon, oct 16th

Get ready for an amazing experience at the Wapusk National Park! We will hop on the official Tundra Buggy and explore the polar bear habitat. You can choose to track the bears or watch them peacefully in their natural environment.

tue, oct 17th

Join Angela Mak, a wildlife photographer, cruise in her 2018 Ford King Ranch and explore the town's captivating historical sites, such as Cape Merry Batters, Miss Piggy Plane Wreck, Polar Bear Jail, and MV Ithaca Shipwreck.


eye-to-eye experience

we explore all of Churchill’s coastal roads in search of polar bears, where it is sometimes possible other Arctic wildlife can be seen such as the Snowy Owl, Ptarmigan, Arctic Fox, and Arctic Hare.

Image 2021-11-01 at 7.01 PM

Tundra buggy day tour

The official Tundra Buggy® offers the exclusive chance to travel into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA) for wildlife viewing and photography. Venturing out on a set of established trails to minimize the impact on the tundra, the Tundra Buggy will take you into areas with a high probability of wildlife sightings. These areas are the best locations in the Churchill area to experience wildlife in their natural environment.

Amazing opportunity for only CAD 4999

air fare

round trip



Breakfast and dinner



iceberg inn


October is the perfect month to experience the thrill of seeing polar bears in their natural habitat.

Come and see the amazing polar bears in their natural habitat! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the beauty and wonder of the tundra. Book your trip to Churchill today and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

your guide

angela mak

Professional Wildlife Photographer, you will have opportunities to meet polar bears and other Arctic wildlife face-to-face. The summer season offers a beluga whale boat tour, sloops cove, and Ithica shipwreck hikes.

Private Photography Group



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