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There is no Better time in October to Photograph Polar Bears in the Tundra – This is an amazing time to visit Churchill!

Churchill is a small town with only 800 residents. There is no road access, therefor all tourists and supplies must be transported by air or train into Churchill.

Beginning in October each year, polar bears gather here to wait for the sea to freeze and start their winter hunting season!

At this time, Churchill’s nickname “more bears than people”

begins from winnipeg

Although Churchill is a popular destination, there are no roads that lead here. The only options for travel to Churchill Manitoba are via air and train. Air travel to Churchill is run by Calm Air. This small Manitoba airline runs flights from Winnipeg and Thompson through Churchill and up to Rankin Inlet in Nunavut.

Departs at noon

The VIA Rail train ticket has been prepared in advance, and arrived at 123 Main street, Winnipeg, Manitoba ( Winnipeg Train Station ) by yourself on Sunday, October 8th, 2022. take Train 693, departing at 12:05 ( central Time) to Churchill. Starting the first day of the polar bear tour.

Continue the train Journey

Since the train takes 1 day 20 hours and 55 minutes to reach Churchill, the team member has enough time to organize the camera equipment and winter gear.

Of course, the one thing you cannot miss is watching the Aurora appear at night.

After the two days journey, the excitement of seeing the train slowly enter the platform is unforgettable.

At 9 a.m. Angela will warmly welcome you at the Churchill VIA Rail train station to start the first day of the polar bear tour.

After check-in at iceberg inn, the 2 hours of town and area tour being, first to visit the ‘Eskimo’ Itsanitaq Museum, followed by the Polar Bear International research facility and Park Canada Visitors Center, also Learn about the lives of local residents and experience local customs.

After completing the busy journey of the day, at 5 p.m., a full-course dinner will be prepared at the Seaport Hotel for all group members to enjoy.

Northern lights workshop

**Weather Permitted**

Under clear skies, you can watch the colorful artistry of the aurora borealis light up the pitch-black nights.

Our Tour Leader, Angela Mak will lead the team to look for the wonderful Northern Lights in Churchill and will provide free photos as souvenirs.

Tundra Buggy Tour

At 7 a.m. in the morning, a simple breakfast will be served in the hotel lobby at iceberg inn.

The official Tundra Buggy® offers the exclusive chance to travel into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA) for wildlife viewing and photography. Venturing out on a set of established trails to minimize the impact on the tundra, the Tundra Buggy will take you into areas with a high probability of wildlife sightings. These areas are the best locations in the Churchill area to experience wildlife in their natural environment.

Tundra Buggy Day Tours include expert interpretation in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area about the wildlife and the magnificent ecosystems surrounding the subarctic environment of Churchill. You will have the opportunity to explore the open tundra while your driver discusses the effects of tides, currents and ice formation on the polar bears. Our interpretive Tundra Buggy Drivers are experienced tour leaders and passionate adventurers who are are skilled at positioning the Tundra Buggy for optimal photography opportunities and wildlife viewing. Wildlife you spot may include polar bears, arctic hare, arctic and red fox, gyrfalcon, ptarmigan and much more.

After completing the busy journey of the day, a full-course dinner will be prepared at the Seaport Hotel for all group members to enjoy.

Eyes to Eyes In Ground Level

At 8 a.m. in the morning, Full breakfast will be served at the Seaport Hotel.

A 6 hours photo tour departs at 9 a.m., visit Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, MV Ithaca, visit the rocket research range, Golf Ball, launch road (possible to view polar bears and other wildlife)greatly increases the chances of catching various rare wild animals such as polar bears, arctic snow foxes, hares, and snowy owls.

The Photo tour is led by Angela Mak – Group members travelling in a 4×4 14 seats mini bus will have plenty of outdoor exploration time,

Our leader will take photos during the journey to your souvenirs.

After completing the busy journey of the day, at 5 p.m., a full-course dinner will be prepared at the Seaport Hotel for all group members to enjoy.

Leaving at 7:30pm

As you say farewell to this world-class adventure, we hope you have found some wonderful souvenirs, experienced our town’s cultural scenery and the entire photography journey will give you memories for a lifetime.

The home to Polar Bear journey is completed, Via Rail Train ticket has been per-purchased, will take the Train 692 at 19:30pm to Winnipeg and returns to your warm homes.

Full Board Package Deal

All meals at Seaport Hotel are included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation at iceberg inn

All Accommodation at iceberg inn is included: Queen or Twin room


All Transportation is included: VIA RAil Round trip Churchill/ Winnipeg economy Ticket.


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