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3 Days / 2 nights Tundra Buggy Tour

3 Days/ 2 nights All inclusive

Experience an intimate encounter with a wild polar bear from an authentic Tundra Buggy. Tundra Buggies are furnished with dual-pane frost-free windows. Each day, we depart early and board our Tundra Buggies looking for polar bears and other wildlife out on the tundra. Enjoy picnic style lunches and refreshments while you are bear watching.

2022  October        15- 17th, 22- 24th, 29- 31th  
2022  November  5- 7th, 12-14th


Day 1 - Town tour

A two-hour tour of Churchill starts after check-in with a fascinating visit to the ‘Eskimo’ Itsanitaq Museum followed by the Polar Bear International research facility and Park Canada Visitors Center.

Day 2 - Dog Sledding

Gerald Azure and Jenafor Ollander offer summer and winter tours. We limit our group size to ensure a minimum impact on the environment and maximize our guests’ time with the sled dogs and musher.

Day 3 - Tundra buggy

In the morning at 7:30am, Fifty-Eight North, a special tour for polar bear tourism, picks up the tour from fifty-eight north and heads to the tundra area for an exploration tour. The Official Tundra buggy will lead the group to track polar bears in the tundra area. During the process, they can either chase the bears or stop for a while to let the group members silently “ambush” to shoot wild animals.

This is no Better time to go Polar Bear watching in the Tundra than in October – an amazing time to visit Churchill!

Churchill is a small town with only 800 residents. There is no road access, therefor all tourists and supplies must be transported by air or train into Churchill.

Beginning in October each year, polar bears gather here, waiting to sit on the ice flows, the bears move to the Hudson Bay to hunt for the winter season.

At this time, Churchill’s nickname “more bears than people.”

Learn about the lives of local residents and experience local customs.

3 Hours Adventure Tour ( Optional)

A photographic tour of Churchill and fascinating historical sites in the local area including visits to Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, the MV IIhaca shipwreck, lunch at Northern study center, the rocket research range, abandoned ‘Golf Ball’ radar station, and launch road,  where it is sometimes possible to view polar bears and other artic wildlife. The tour is led by Angela Mak.


Tour Leader - Angela mak

Professional leader with real gun live ammunition protection for full navigation, visit Cape Merry Batters, Miss piggy plane wreck, Polar bear jail, MV Ithaca, lunch at Northern study center, after lunch, visit rocket research range, Golf Ball, launch road (possible to view polar bears and other wildlife)

Northern Lights

Under clear winter skies, you can watch the colorful artistry of the aurora borealis light up the pitch-black nights


Iceberg inn – Walking distance to the train station and Conveniently located close to popular area attractions

Special take wildlife photography in the vast Arctic tundra. Group members traveling in a professional polar tourist vehicle will have plenty of outdoor exploration time, greatly increasing the chances of catching various rare wild animals such as polar bears, arctic snow foxes, hares, and snowy owls. lunch at northern study center

Photography Package

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