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MidNight Sun/ ice floe Photography workshop

Saturday, June 17- 24th, 2023

CAD1999 Plus Tax Per Person

June is an amazing time to visit Churchill!

Belugas Whales are roaming in the Hudson Bay. In this 7 days scientific research expedition, Brendan McEwan will lead Most Coveted Small-Group to see Floe Ice and Beluga Whales, on another two days, Angela Mak will carry on In search of hawks and falcons like the Gyrfalcon and Peregrine Falcon. Snowy Owls, King Eider and common Eider, Tundra Swans, terns and gulls, harlequin ducks and the rare Ross’s Gull. Over 250+ Species. over 200 nesting or migrating bird species, seals, Arctic Hares, Arctic Foxes and more.

The Operator - Brendan McEwan

Custom Churchill Tour – Brendan McEwan is a born and raised Churchillian who spends the majority of his summer on the water. 

The Leader - Angela Mak

  • Our Tutor will offer free advice on photography techniques.
  • Our Tutor will look for the opportunity of spotting the birds, ducks and Arctic Hare
  • Midnight Sun/ Northern light Photography work shop – Weather permitted

Adventure Tour Agenda

  • After Breakfast with our Leader, Angela Mak-wildlife photographer starting to explore the Tundra in search of the red fox, Altaic hare, various species of birds
  • Lunch break at the Northern studies Center, return to the Tundra to continue the wildlife tour.


  • Cape Merry Battery
  • Marina and Observation Tower
  • Miss Piggy
  • Polar Bear Compound
  • Goose Creek Road
  • Golf Balls
  • Rocket research Center
  • Akudlik Marsh
  • Bird Cove / Launch Road
  • Twin Lakes

Included in our tour costs

  • 3 days ( 9 hours) boat tour
  • 3 days ( 12 hours) Adventure tour
  • 6 mile Dog sledding tour  and Northern light workshop
  • 1 night ( 2 hours) Mid-night sun workshop
  • All meals in Churchill ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • All transportation in Churchill
  • All Tutor fee – Photography workshop

Phone: 204-675-2228 email:

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