Mid Night Sun / Polar Bear Summer Tour

Birds Of Churchill, Manitoba

18 Days Road / Train Expedition – Price Start at $5,999

6 Days Expedition Churchill – CONTACT US


June is an amazing time to visit Churchill!

Belugas are roaming in the Hudson Bay and the Polar Bear are emerging from their den.

In this 7 days scientific research expedition, our local tour leader –Robin Allen will lead tourism to see Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, over 200 nesting or migrating bird species, seals, Arctic Hares, Arctic Foxs and more.

Tour Agenda

  • Arrival at the Town of Churchill, Manitoba
  • Breakfast in the Dancing Bear Restaurant, explore the Tundra in search of the Red fox, Altaic rabbit, various species of birds and the polar bear
  • Lunch break at the Sea Port Hotel Return to the Tundra to continue the wildlife tour with a Photography guide
  • Dinner at Tundra Inn Dinning Room
  • Return to the Ice Berg Inn and rest for the night
  • Free shuttle back to Churchill airport for departure


  • Our Tutor will offer free advice on good photography techniques.
  • Our Tutor will look for the opportunity of spotting the birds, ducks and Arctic Hare

Recommended Equipment

  • Digital Camera and 100-400 mm zoom lens or greater
  • Light weight Tripod
  • 28-105mm zoom lens and rechargeable flashlight

Included in our tour costs:

  • all photography techniques by our experts and return shuttle to airport
  • All Transportation and hotel fee – ( Vancouver to Thompson )

Excluded from our costs:

  • Airfare, Local Tour Guides and drivers
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Boat Tour for midnight sun, ice berg watching.

Tour Schedule

June 13Day 15hr/475KM
Departure:Vancouver, BC
Destination:Salmon Arm, BCBest Western
June 14Day 24 Hr/375Km
Departure:Salmon Arm, BC
Destination:Calgary, ABBest Western
June 15Day 37-1/2 Hr-750KM
Departure: Calgary, AB
Destination:Regina, MBBest Western
June 16Day 46 Hr/600Km
Departure: Regina, MB
Destination:Winnipeg, MBBest Western
June 17 Day 58 Hr/800Km
Departure:Winnipeg, MB
Destination:Thompson, MB
June 18 – 5:00pm
Departure at VIA Rail Thompson Train Station
June 19 – 11:00am
Arrived at VIA Rail Churchill Train Station – Ice Berg Inn
June 20 – 24Day 8-12
Town of ChurchillCity Tour
BreakfastDancing Bear Restaurant
LunchSea Port Hotel
DinnerTundra Inn Dinning Room
HotelIce Berg Inn


Tours will be done in three quadrants per day.


In search of hawks and falcons like the Gyrfalcon and Peregrine Falcon. Snowy Owls, King Eider and common Eider, Tundra Swans, terns and gulls, harlequin ducks and the rare Ross’s Gull. Over 250+ Species.

Tours will be conducted in areas of sightings.

  • Cape Merry
  • Akudlik Marsh
  • Bird Cove / Launch
  • Twin Lakes
  • Goose Creek

Transportation to and from these areas will be explored on a quadrant time. Two teams will go out and spot in different areas daily. Reporting back of the observations.

Weather and time permitted, we will also do boat tours. Each tour will be taken by boat to see the coastal area for birds, whales and other marine wildlife including the Polar Bear.

We will arrange a shore lunch where coastal observations will take place.

Cost :$ 150 3 Hours

All Price is “Not Included ” in the Local tour

June 24 5:00 pmDay 13
Departure: Churchill VIA Rail Train Station$67/Person
Destination:Thompson VIA Rail Train Station
June 2511:00 amDay 14
Arrived :Thompson VIA Rail Train StationBest Western
June 26Day: 158 Hr / 750 Km
Departure: Thompson, MB
Destination: Prince Albert, SKBest Western
June 27Day: 166 Hr / 600 Km
Departure:Prince Albert, SK
Destination:Edmonton, ABBest Western
June 28Day: 175-1/2Hr 500Km
Departure:Edmonton, AB
Destination:Valemount, BC
June 29Day: 188 Hr/700 Km
Departure:Vale-mount, BC

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